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I am the youngest of three children and was brought up in Salisbury, Wiltshire in a nurturing and loving environment. 

It took me until I was in my early forties to understand that emotional and physical trauma whilst seemingly dealt with on the surface can cause underlying issues that I was unaware of and that just by having a loving upbringing does not mean you escape life’s challenges unscathed.


The first key to creating heaven on earth is to accept yourself just the way you are right now.

Don Miguel Ruiz

As I turned 40 I realised that a deep form of depression had taken its hold and I needed to acknowledge this and as a consequence was put on anti-depressants and under-went a psychiatric treatment plan.  This treatment did let me ‘see the wood from the trees’ but after a short time I self-elected a withdrawal from medication whilst starting on a different journey of Attitudinal Healing and integrated Craniosacral therapy and Homeopathy.

It was through these therapies combined that I came to understand the importance of treating the person as a whole and as an individual.  I realised the power of being listened to both emotionally and physically with no judgement and this meant my own inherent healing system was able to kick in and bring my vital force back to life.


Sometimes these ‘journeys’ back to ourselves can be challenging and I am passionate about supporting people on all levels.

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